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                Notification of Pricing Adjustment
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                Dear Valued Customer:

                KRECO always strives to maintain the highest safety standard and offer quality products to customers.
                By making our best efforts to improve efficiency and corporate thriftiness allowed the company to pass savings on to customers.
                Since September 2020, the price of all of products remained unchanged.
                Nevertheless, we have to alternative to take the decision to adjust the prices due to the increased costs of raw materials and continued upward trend of operation cost (see below).
                Category Cost increased
                Copper 35%
                Plastic resin 60%
                Steel 50%
                Copper wire 40%
                PCB 30%
                Packing materials 20%
                Work force labor cost 5%
                Our new price will increase, and this price adjustment will be effective from Dec 1, 2020. Please contact our staff for more details.
                In case of future price fluctuation, we promise to do our best to keep your profit.
                Sincerely hope you could understand and we are very appreciate for your continue support.
                Yours Sincerely

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